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Andrew Elsoffer


Andrew Elsoffer is a financial advisor, community leader, and soccer coach based in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout his career, Andrew has worked in several different locations and industries. Each new experience broadened his business acumen and people-first philosophy.

Andrew graduated from the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in business administration. A year later, he founded his first business. Culinary Marketing Incorporated, a company that managed special events, catering, and conference centers, was the entrepreneurial venture serving as the foundation of his ongoing business discipline, organizational skills, and client-focused approach to business development. He managed the Avis Center for Excellence and secured a decade-long event management contract with the University of Michigan.

After almost ten years in the demanding and time-consuming event management industry, Andrew Elsoffer decided it was time to change. He accepted a Wealth Management Advisor position at Merrill Lynch in Cleveland, Ohio. American financial and wealth management firm Merrill Lynch is a subsidiary of Bank of America. Both businesses participate in prime brokerage and broker-dealer operations with BofA Securities, the investment banking division.

Over 17 years, Andrew built a thriving business, growing assets under management to over 100 million dollars. Andrew leads his advisory team in developing new client communication protocols, asset management strategies, and client acquisition procedures. At Merrill Lynch, he learned the complexities and nuances of managing client portfolios while embracing the benefits of formal financial planning. His coaching experience assisted him in navigating the Merrill Lynch team dynamic and encouraging a pleasant work environment for his advisory group.

Andrew traveled the world as the senior vice president of investments for Stifel Financial Corporation, a global financial institution over a hundred years old. He formed lasting relationships with peers, shareholders, and clients. Andrew Elsoffer created personalized financial plans tailored to his client’s lifestyle objectives. He utilized systematic financial planning and asset management to ensure his clients’ long-term financial security.

Andrew has spent the last few years as an investment advisor for ABE Wealth Management. He and his team assist their clientele in monitoring, managing, and balancing their financial portfolios. They also provide valuable guidance on various other financial choices and difficulties.

Soccer provided Andrew with a way to connect with the youth of his community. Nothing has been more important to him than helping the new generations prosper and grow into responsible, caring adults. He feels he can make the most significant impact on young people. Andrew has held various coaching and organizational roles in soccer over the last two decades, including assistant head coach positions at Shaker Heights High School and Notre Dame College in Euclid, Ohio. He also served as a head coach and assistant head coach at Nordonia High School and an assistant coach at Orange High School. As the President of the Orange Crush Soccer League, Andrew demonstrated strong leadership skills. He also worked as a group coach for U16 Ohio Olympic Development.

Andrew also connects with his community through incredible nonprofits. He spent over five years volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and eight years with The Cleveland Swim for Diabetes Association, serving as the co-chair for 2 of those years.

Andrew Elsoffer is a valuable asset to any organization due to his clear communication skills, client-focused approach, and ability to build strong relationships. He is highly organized and self-motivated and goes above and beyond to achieve client and company goals while valuing collaboration with colleagues. Andrew is results-oriented and committed to delivering high-quality work, constantly seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.

In his spare time, Andrew can spend time with his wife of 30 years and their son, Lenny. He also enjoys getting out and about in nature.

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