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Andrew Elsoffer


Andrew Elsoffer is a community leader, investment advisor, and soccer coach based in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout his professional journey, Andrew has operated across various states and sectors, with each opportunity enhancing his business expertise and commitment to prioritizing people.

Upon completing his education in 1982, Andrew Elsoffer earned his Political Science and Business Administration degree from the esteemed University of Michigan. A year after graduation, he embarked on a remarkable journey by establishing Culinary Marketing Incorporated. This multifaceted venture swiftly gained recognition as a comprehensive hub for event management, catering services, and strategic marketing solutions.

The establishment of Culinary Marketing Incorporated proved to be a pivotal moment in Andrew Elsoffer‘s professional trajectory, sparking the ignition of his entrepreneurial zeal. Notably, this endeavor laid the foundation for his enduring commitment to prioritizing clients’ needs and fostering a client-centric ethos in all his business undertakings. This formative experience provided Andrew with valuable insights into the intricacies of business management, client relationship cultivation, and effective marketing strategies.

During this transformative period, Andrew Elsoffer‘s visionary perspective and tireless work ethic converged, forging the principles that continue to guide him today. By merging his academic background with hands-on experience, Andrew cultivated a unique blend of skills and perspectives to propel him toward becoming a renowned community leader, investment advisor, and soccer coach.

Having dedicated nearly a decade to the time-intensive field of event management, Andrew Elsoffer reached a pivotal juncture where he recognized the need for a career shift. This realization prompted him to embark on a new professional chapter, marked by his acceptance of a significant role as a Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch in Cleveland, Ohio.

Over the span of more than 17 years, Andrew Elsoffer adeptly fostered the growth of a flourishing enterprise, orchestrating the expansion of assets under his stewardship to exceed an impressive 100 million dollars. Demonstrating his leadership prowess, Andrew assumed the helm of his advisory team, spearheading the evolution of innovative client communication protocols, refining asset management strategies, and refining the methodologies for client acquisition.

During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, Andrew Elsoffer deepened his understanding of the intricate mechanics of steering client portfolios and embraced the advantages of formal financial planning. This invaluable experience allowed him to grapple with the multifaceted complexities of wealth management, navigating the delicate intricacies that define successful portfolio administration and cultivating a comprehensive appreciation for the nuances of financial planning.

Leveraging his coaching background, Andrew Elsoffer skillfully navigated the intricate dynamics of the team environment at Merrill Lynch, effectively fostering a positive and harmonious atmosphere for his advisory team. Unfazed by the shifts in jobs, life circumstances, or geographic locations Andrew encountered, his coaching commitment remained steadfast, spanning an impressive 20 consecutive seasons. Throughout this period, soccer emerged as Andrew’s conduit for forging connections with the younger generation within his community.

Above all, Andrew Elsoffer‘s paramount commitment lies in nurturing the growth and development of emerging generations, guiding them toward becoming conscientious and compassionate adults. He regarded this role as immensely significant, recognizing that his influence was most profound when working with young individuals. Notably, Andrew held coaching positions at esteemed institutions such as Ohio Olympic Development, Notre Dame College (Euclid Campus), Shaker Heights High School, Nordonia High School, and Orange High School.

Beyond his coaching endeavors, Andrew Elsoffer further solidified his community ties through dedicated involvement with exceptional nonprofit organizations. His extensive volunteer service spanned over five years at the Ronald McDonald House, wherein he generously contributed his time and efforts. Furthermore, his impactful engagement extended to an impressive 8-year commitment with The Cleveland Swim for Diabetes Association, during which he assumed the pivotal role of co-chair for 2 of those years, cementing his dedication to meaningful community engagement.

During the limited moments of leisure he has, Andrew Elsoffer dedicates his time to cherished interactions with his wife of three decades and their son, Lenny. Additionally, he derives immense satisfaction from immersing himself in the great outdoors. As a passionate hiker and avid cyclist, he finds his true vitality and inner tranquility under the expanse of the sky.

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