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Most community values local businesses because these businesses help the community members meet their needs. Although they form an essential part of people’s daily lives, many people overlook them, and at the moment, small businesses are suffering as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The social distancing measures imposed to curtail the spread of coronavirus have significantly affected small businesses. These measures have reduced small businesses’ solvency and cash flow by decreasing the number of customers who serve as the primary income source that keeps these businesses in operations and their employees at work.

Supporting these businesses helps in keeping the local economy afloat. Thus, there is a need to shop at local small companies to ensure these businesses thrive despite the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The list below includes some of the ways people can support small businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Shopping Products Online From Local Stores
Many small business owners sell their products online through online purchasing platforms, even though they had never done it before the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Shoppers can continue supporting these businesses by buying their daily essentials through their websites until they return to their physical locations.

2. Purchasing Gift Cards
Policies measures of lockdown, social distancing, and quarantine imposed to contain the coronavirus’s spread have negatively affected small businesses specializing in service provisions, such as theatres and spas. However, customers can assist these businesses in remaining profitable by buying gift cards for later use.

3. Paying Extra
People can help small businesses navigate the economic crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic by paying a little more than they usually would. To maintain social distance and avoid physical contact, buyers can add their tips to the total amount charged.

4. Exploit Discounts
During these challenging times, many small businesses have discounted their products and services to boost their sales. Shoppers can take advantage of these discounts and purchase more significant quantities of goods than usual to help these businesses remain open.

5. Order In
Although the coronavirus pandemic has prevented many people from dining out, people can still enjoy their favorite meals and drinks while at home. Many food outlets are taking precautions to prepare foods in hygienic conditions and meet all the safety guidelines. Clients can order via food delivery services, such as UberEats, and have their meals delivered to their doors.

Buying from small businesses will enable them to cope with the operational stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and help governments avert the economic crisis.